Anaheim, CA


The student’s petition was successful and the mascot has been changed, but the team is still called the Rebels.

After the meeting, senior Matthew Thomas, who supported replacing the mascot, said he was a little disappointed, but is glad some changes will be made.

As an athlete and president of the school’s Black Student Union, Thomas told the board he didn’t want to represent a mascot with Confederate links.

Once the mascot is re-branded, Thomas said he hopes no one talks about or tries to defend Johnny Rebel.

“I don’t want to have to deal with that conversation,” he said, “or that kind of people.”

Anaheim’s Savanna High mascot Johnny Rebel will be altered to eliminate any perception of Confederacy links [OC Register]

Remove Johnny Rebel Confederate Symbols From Orange County Schools

From the petition:

Although the confederacy is an important part of American history that should not be forgotten, Johnny Rebel symbolizes racism and should not be a forefront figure of any public institution. Even more, the school was aptly named Savannah and the combination of Johnny Rebel with a prominent Southern city is a testament to the conditions that allowed racism to thrive. Our nation has matured and our public schools should not be an institution holding onto times and hatred long foregone. Our schools should evoke symbols of progress, of inclusion, of acceptance; not of hate and discrimination.